A book amongst the many on a shelf…

So here’s the thing… I’m pooped this week. Absolutely cream crackered. So what better solution – assuming you’ll forgive me for it! – to the conflict between the urge to be creative and post on the one hand, and the almost entire lack of mental activity taking place within the tired confines of my aching skull on the other, than to sneak in a lazy one.

Actually, I’m excited – in a creamy crackeredy kind of a way Continue reading

When is a scarf not a scarf?

When it’s a humongous cover for a bolster cushion, naturally.

It all started in the late summer of 2012 when I developed terrible and apparently interminable back and neck pain. Goodness knows what triggered this. Suspects at the time – none of whom were then or have since been brought adequately to justice – included a poor understanding of what to do with my neck at yoga (I was then but a mere novice, squeaky in my shiny newness), my inexcusably poor posture while seated at my desk during office hours, and my inconvenient habit of sleeping on my front. Continue reading