Post-match showers

‘Whatever has happened to the fussball table project?’ I’m sure I heard at least one of you – in tones of ill-disguised anxiety (you were probably wringing your hands in grave and fretful concern at the time) – enquire just recently, as I sat, Thinker-like, contemplating the subject of my next post. ‘Are the players now squeaky clean? Do both the pitch and the men now exude the clean but curious blend of carbolic and cologne?’ Continue reading

All ears?

Those of you who read my post about my first steps into jewellery making will know that I’ve started with earrings. Indeed, those of you who read the same post with a keen eye for detail will also have gathered that I’ve been trying out some new techniques of late. And those of you who are regular readers might even have picked up – from a recent post about the big Decopatch project I’ve got in the offing – that I’ve been preparing a gift for someone. I wonder if any among you are mathematicians? If so, you may have put two and two together and successfully come up with four: that I’ve been creating a pair of earrings to be presented in their very own Decopatched gift box. Continue reading

Jewellery making vs Yoga

A confession. I skipped yoga last Saturday. Yes, I know – big tut. Actually I really missed the class: no Saturday morning stretching = not a good thing. I might not always succeed in making it every week – and I may (still!) not have managed to hoick myself along to the Tuesday evening class (the day will come!) – but my Saturday yoga mornings are usually sacrosanct. There is no better way to kick start a positive weekend than yoga with Sunnah, and that’s a fact. So what on earth was I playing at? Continue reading

Kick off!

Good news! Remember my big Decopatch project? And remember those four dastardly challenges threatening so unfairly to upset my plans in a manner not dissimilar to a very dirty and almost certainly illegal tackle? Well, it just so happens that I might have solved at least two of them already! Continue reading

Lend me your ears…

I’m not very good at accessorising, it has to be said. I don’t know why. Lack of practice? Laziness? Insufficient confidence in selecting the right accessory? No sense of style? Who knows. It’s odd, because I love accessories and often admire the ability of others to wear them so effectively and attractively.

One thing I do, however, manage to don with what might – at a push – be described as a modicum of regularity is… earrings. And it’s perhaps because of this that my first foray into jewellery making has involved – exclusively, to date – just some such enticing ear enhancements. Continue reading

Game on!

OK, so I may have bitten off more than I can chew. But then, why settle for a tame little challenge when you can throw down the crafty gauntlet and then run one to boot?

You may remember that I have decided to treat a battered old fussball table to a makeover. Yes. Well. A closer pitch inspection has revealed all manner of little wrinkles that will need a vigorous ironing out before I can layer on the Decopatch paper and glue. Where, oh where, is Mrs Tiggy-Winkle when you need her? Continue reading