Cushions, cats and catastrophe

The irony! Even I couldn’t have dreamt this one up.

You may remember that I’ve been knitting away to finish an enormous bolster cushion cover. You may even recall that I’m nearly there, with just the flap (and dreaded button holes) to complete. Well… Continue reading

Beads, of course…

Well, it’s settled: there’s no stopping me now. Beads everywhere had better beware. If only beads could, I’d suggest they arm themselves. But it’s hard to take up arms when you haven’t got any of either variety. Which leaves beads pretty defenceless and me pretty happy – hoorah!

OK, so I’m over-excited. Continue reading

There’s always a catch…

And there I was – only a very short while ago – feeling rather pleased with myself, having – at last – found the trinket box catch (or clasp or latch) I’d been looking for. Indeed, not only had I managed to find the catch I wanted but I’d even succeeded in truffling out the miniature screws I needed to secure it. Ah, the wonder that is ebay. I was positively swollen with contentment.

‘What are you on about?’ I hear you cry. Well, it’s like this… Continue reading

The key’s in the beads

Recently, I did a very naughty thing. I skipped yoga and went to a jewellery making workshop instead. What a delinquent. But I have to confess I enjoyed the escapade and, better still, I came away with some lovely wooden beads. I had no idea what I was going to do with these beads, I just knew that they were leaving the premises and coming home with me (bought and paid for, naturally). Continue reading

Ice bucket challenge for BeadforLife

Well, folks… Having recently been nominated for the ice bucket challenge, today Mark and I took it in turns to soak and get soaked.

For those of you who have somehow managed to remain unaware of the ice bucket challenge that is currently doing the rounds, it started in the US in support of a great cause – strike out ALS – where it has raised a huge amount for this progressive neurodegenerative disease. Continue reading

Getting into a flap!

Monstrously enormous excitement (and some trepidation)! I may be saved from having to accept the role of Thirteenth Doctor should Peter Capaldi ever decide he’s had enough. And, let’s face it, previous incumbents have all moved on eventually (or we’d still be on Doctor Number One), so it’s quite likely that Capaldi, too, will at some point pass on the trick of piloting the TARDIS to another. It’s a shame, really, that I may no longer be available, as I look so very fetching in the scarf Continue reading