A shedload of yarn

This time next week, we’ll have been cosily ensconced in our holiday cottage in Purbeck, Dorset, for two whole days. Our long-awaited break is almost upon us – and not a moment too soon! On Friday, having made the third and final of three enormous work-related deadlines, I went for a walk to release some adrenaline. After ten minutes, my body reacted – suddenly and decidedly – to the relief and it was all I could do to convince one foot to follow the other until I got back home. ‘The fatigue is come upon me’, cried the Lady of Crouch End – or, at least, she would have done, had she had sufficient strength for more than a whimper.

Our holiday plans consist gloriously of a combination of fresh air, long walks, log fires and red squirrels. Oh, and some crafting and blogging (though all other phone- and internet-related activities are firmly banned). Heaven! And, as it happens, I have got a few things already lined up to post about, including: the very latest on my fussball table makeover project (an exciting milestone has been reached); the grand reveal of my completed bolster cushion cover (a sneak preview provided below); and the brand new Nuzzle Hat I whipped up for myself last week.

So, what new projects will I be taking with me to get creative with, I hear you cry. Well, yarn, mostly – and lots of it. Let it never be said that I over-estimate what is achievable within given parameters (although I do, often pretty impressively). Here is the selection:

Yarn, yarn and ... well, more yarn.

Yarn, yarn and … well, more yarn.

And what am I going to do with it all? Well, it’s like this. The purpley yarn at the top of the photo is Rowan Big Wool in Wild Berry. This is going to become a chunky (easy and relaxing to knit) scarf or cowl. I haven’t yet decided which but I’ll be – more or less – following a lovely Sarah Hatton pattern.

The two mauve/purple balls on the left of the photo will become a Buccaneer Hat, following the pattern in Sarah Hatton’s 10 More, Simple Cosy Projects. It seems that in spite of now having a new Nuzzle Hat – also Sarah Hatton – I’m urgently in need of another noodle warmer (can one ever have too many?). I’ll use the ball of Rowan Cocoon in Bilberry – leftover from my first ever knitted jumper – for the hat itself, and the other yarn (a remnant from a scarf I made a while back, bought in Willert, a yarn store in Goch, Germany) for a massive pom-pom which I will no doubt carry off with great panache.

(In a brief digression … Rowan Cocoon. It does shed, doesn’t it? Have you noticed? I’ve just re-washed my Rowan Cocoon jumper to try to reduce the shedding, but am not convinced it’s made the remotest difference. Any tips on how to reduce – and ideally stop – the old shedding problemo most gratefully received!)

Back to the point, then, the remaining yarn in the photo above is the Debbie Bliss Rialto DK left over from my bolster cushion cover. This will be miraculously transformed into a hot water bottle cover, following the pattern in Knitty Gritty. Cunning, or what?!

Oh, and I’m also taking a wire knitting pendant kit I unearthed in the lovely Fringe. Do you think I’ll have enough to keep me going for a fortnight? (At this rate, I fear the fresh air, long walks, log fires and red squirrels are up against some stiff competition!)

OK, I know, I did promise you a sneak preview of my bolster cushion triumph, so here it is, in all it’s stripey glory:

Gargantuan bolster cushion cover. Or is it a sleeping bag?

Gargantuan bolster cushion cover. Or is it a sleeping bag?

And now, as a very special treat, here is me INSIDE the bolster cushion cover. Being not yet 39 years old, I thought it was imperative I demonstrate the look:

Note that I did have to take the bolster cushion out first.

Note that I did have to take the bolster cushion out first.

That’s your lot for now. My next post will wend its way to you from the Dorset coast. Hooray for holidays!


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