There is lace at stake!

‘Out of the way! We are in the throes of an exceptional emergency! This is no occasion for sport – there is lace at stake!’

So go the breathless cries of the exquisite Imelda Staunton in her hilarious portrayal of Elizabeth Gaskell‘s Ms Pole in the BBC’s 2007 dramatisation of Cranford. With the scene in question vividly in my mind’s eye and my new lace knitting project in my hands (actually, I don’t have the knitting in my hands right at this moment as it would make typing an awful lot harder, but if ever a sentence called for a smidgen of dramatic licence, surely this is it), I feel a sudden and urgent compulsion to buy, trim and don a bonnet. Continue reading

Rockin’ Robin

I just couldn’t resist this little project (ok, I didn’t try very hard, it has to be said). It IS nearly Christmas (how? how? where did the year go?) after all. And what is more Christmassy than a friendly little robin or two? OK, I know, I know: Father Christmas, Christmas trees, stockings, presents, crackers. The list almost certainly goes on, endlessly and, in all probability, expensively. But robins are right up there with the rest of them, dammit, and they’re essentially free (unless you’re blowing your entire annual salary on fat balls, of course – which would make you lovely, but also a little mad). Continue reading

Half-time oranges!

You may have noticed that it’s been quite a while since my fingers were last sticky, my Decopatch fussball table project having – in recent weeks – fallen foul of the sore temptations of beads, yarn and even – in a recent moment of experimental madness – wire. I know. Big tut. But now, papercraft having given me a hard stare worthy of the small bear from darkest Peru his very good self, here – finally – is an update on the grand refurbishment. And what a success it’s shaping up to be:

An old fussball table transformed!

An old fussball table transformed!

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