Colin gets his wings and looks for love

Meet Colin!

Colin the Robin, wings and all.

Colin the Robin, wings and all.

Yes, Colin has finally got his wings, though whether or not he’ll turn out to be an angel remains to be seen. There’s something about that red breast of his that makes me think he might be a bit of a monkey… Continue reading

Colin gets cuter

It’s funny how time vanishes when you’re tired, ploughing through an apparently endless list of jobs (even if they ARE little and essentially pretty unimportant) and spending a sizeable portion of the weekend on your day job to boot. Suddenly, the hands start spinning, the hours zoom past faster than a rat up a drainpipe and, before you know it, it’s almost Sunday-evening-telly o’clock. Goodness me.

On the plus side (as there is a plus side and, in fact, almost always is, even if it can be infuriatingly hard to detect on occasion), Colin is starting to develop a bit of character. Who is Colin? Ah, well. Continue reading

A strange-looking bird…

Well… Here I am, finally writing a new post after a little hiatus… and it feels good. It’s been a funny old start to the new year, what with making the transition to freelance life. I’m working hard to keep my focus on the moment with some – albeit limited – success. Try as I might, the worries keep finding their way in and I’m starting to suspect my skull of ressembling a sieve underneath all the red hair. I can only conclude that I’m not sufficiently distracted, so I hereby resolve to get back on the crafty bike and peddle furiously!

So, what have I been up to? Continue reading