Birds of a feather

Hello! Who’s this?

The name's Colin. Mrs Colin.

The name’s Colin. Mrs Colin.

Yes, indeed. Colin‘s long-awaited lady love has finally deigned to put in a – rather splendid, if I may be so presumptuous as to suggest such a thing – appearance. Continue reading

Six nations, one blanket

Yes, ok. So Wales didn’t win this year’s Six Nations. Mark isn’t over the moon and it’s very possible that Warren Gatland may never almost smile again. That’s sport for you. Up one minute, down the next. It’s enough to make anyone seasick. Still, at least the Cherries are on top of their game, keeping Mark nicely in Pollyanna mode… Continue reading

Colin the Robin and the brush with death

We honestly did think, on the arrival of the Feline Detectives, that we’d cat-proofed the house. Ha ha ha. No. We hadn’t. Apart from plant-gate, where McCready got an upset tummy from chewing on what we have since discovered to be a plant best not consumed by felines and which resulted in the removal of all such foliage from the joint (as in domicile, not weed), both McCready and Gilmour are prone, let’s say, to collecting things. With McCready, it seems mainly to be yarn, usually my more expensive stuff (mental note: must hide yarn); Gilmour is a bit more eclectic in his selection and even the plug from the bath has been found amongst his stash of toy mice. Yes, really.

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I wanna live with a cinnamon bear

I wanna live with a cinnamon bear. It’s the lyric Neil Young almost wrote when he – accidentally, I’m sure – penned ‘girl’ instead of ‘bear’. No doubt Uncle Neil is sitting on an amp somewhere, right now, mulling on what might have been. Meanwhile, in North London, let me introduce Cinnamon Bear his very good self:

In this photo, Cinnamon Bear's left foot looks slightly cloven. Should I be worried, I wonder? I expect it's just his devilish charm.

In this photo, Cinnamon Bear’s left foot looks slightly cloven. Should I be worried, I wonder? I expect it’s just his devilish charm.

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