Hello to rug hooking

Here’s a tip for you: if you want to do an online search to find out more about the needlecraft of hooking, key in ‘rug hooking’ rather than ‘hooking’. Trust me, the search results for the latter are predictably colourful, but decidedly less useful.

So what is rug hooking? (It still doesn’t sound quite right, does it?) Well, it involves pulling yarn through holes in a canvas with a hook to create, for example, something like this:

Rug hooking doesn't have to end in a rug, it would seem.

Rug hooking doesn’t have to end in a rug, it would seem.

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A crafty year!

Would you believe me if I told you that it has taken me an entire year to realise that I can make the photos in my posts bigger? Yes. Read it and weep uncontrollably, for it is sadly so. Worse, I have even reflected, from time to time, on what a shame it is that the photos are so small. In the words of the immortal Bart: doh! Continue reading


Decopatched tub! Yes, indeedy: I have finished my epic bath panel makeover project and very splendid the bath does now most certainly look:

One prettier bath panel. Check.

One prettier bath panel. Check.

(Alright, if you must insist on knowing, I do still need to apply a final coat of varnish to the whole thing, yes, but basically I’m there.) Continue reading

Crowing about crochet

Here’s the thing, then: I’m learning to crochet. I’d wanted to find out more ever since I saw a kit for a sweet crocheted sheep in the ever-glorious Fringe and then, as luck would have it, it turned out that Fringe were running a beginner’s crochet workshop in April. Splendid, I thought, and booked myself a place. Continue reading