Hello to rug hooking

Here’s a tip for you: if you want to do an online search to find out more about the needlecraft of hooking, key in ‘rug hooking’ rather than ‘hooking’. Trust me, the search results for the latter are predictably colourful, but decidedly less useful.

So what is rug hooking? (It still doesn’t sound quite right, does it?) Well, it involves pulling yarn through holes in a canvas with a hook to create, for example, something like this:

Rug hooking doesn't have to end in a rug, it would seem.

Rug hooking doesn’t have to end in a rug, it would seem.

Before you get excited, I haven’t made this. Yet. The picture above is a photograph of the front of the rug hooking kit I am currently babysitting. Babysitting? you ask. Well, it’s like this…

At last month’s Meet & Make evening at the ever-splendiferous Fringe, I was on the prowl for a new project. Yes, I know. I’ve only just finished confessing to two large and unfinished projects, both casualties of my well-honed skills in procrastination. However.

My eagle eyes soon spotted this kit:

Hooked me in, for sure.

Hooked me in, for sure.

Ah ha! thought I, and then my heart sank. For it appeared that someone had already set to work and I couldn’t see another kit for the same design ANYWHERE. Rats! thought I, and was on the verge of harrumphing almost audibly, when Jude – of the ever-splendiferous Fringe – explained that they were working it up as a display sample for the shop, and said I was welcome to have a go at finishing it if I wanted. There was no rush, she assured me, which turns out to be a good thing, as you will see.

So I took the kit home. The canvas was already pinned to a frame, to make the hooking easier:

All set up and ready for action.

All set up and ready for action.

The kit is by Hooked by Design, and contains everything you need to make the hearts picture, bar the frame. And the instructions are lovely and clear too. Just the kind of project I like.

So have I made a start? Yes, I have. Have I got very far? No, I have not. Why? Because the last month has been bonkers, that’s why. This is how it’s looking so far:

My contribution is the purpley beginning of the heart in the top left square. Well, it's a start...

My contribution is the purpley beginning of the heart in the top left square. Well, it’s a start…

It’s a good job that the next Meet & Make is this coming Wednesday (where HAS the last month GONE?). I’ll take the kit along and try to get a bit of momentum going. And, if I enjoy it, then (once I’ve finished this one) I’ll make it all over again for myself. Hooray for new project ideas!

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