Come on you reds!

No, I’m afraid this post is not about Manchester United, in spite of the title, which I couldn’t resist. It is actually all about the fact that I have – at last! – finished kitting out my red fussball team in their new strip:

The reds are ready for action... almost.

The reds are ready for action… almost.

Yes, I had started to wonder whether this day would arrive but, like the vast majority of tomorrows, it did. And my epic fussball table project has finally regained some momentum. Hoorah!

OK, so – as you can see in the photos – I need to do a few patches to neaten them up. The last row, in particular, got a bit of a glue-varnish overdose, and I need to tidy the bits of congealed sticky stuff. I also still need to do the metal rods, the plastic handles, etc. But the red players are basically ready and, trust me, it was no mean feat. This is fiddly stuff!

The red eleven. Sticky fiddliness.

The red eleven. Sticky fiddliness.

Some of you might be wondering whether I’m actually a football fan. Well, kind of. I can get into it if it’s on, but I might not actively seek it out. I’ve seen our team – The Cherries – play a few times, and we even adopted VfL Bochum as our continental side after we caught a home game while over in Germany a few years back. But my moment of footballing triumph was actually a virtual one: when I won our fantasy league (comfortably), knowing very little about the game or the players and beating lots of boys in the process. I loved it, they didn’t so much. Ah, the glory that is schadenfreude…

Others of you may be wondering whether I will ever learn to take better photos. I am wondering this myself. I hope, of course, that I will. I just need to carve out some time to look up about how to light the blasted things properly, as I just can’t seem to avoid shadows. And I also need bigger sheets of backing paper or material, as demonstrated by the annoying tell-tale signs in the photo above, bottom left. Big growl.

So here they are, in formation:

Training hard.

Training hard.

Now to kit out the blues!

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