Come on the blues!

Yes, the day has finally arrived. No, I haven’t been to see Chelsea – or, indeed, any other football team with a blue strip – in action. I don’t think the season’s even started yet, has it? (Shows how much I know about football.) But I have been working closely with one particular bunch of players. This lot, in fact:

The blue eleven (not all pictured).

The blue eleven (not all pictured).

It’s true. I’ve actually finished kitting out all the players for my herculean fussball table extravaganza. And it’s been quite a fiddly slog, I can tell you. I finished the Cherries (the red team) a few weeks ago, and now die Unabsteigbaren* (the blues) are ready for battle.

Yes, yes, ok. I still need to patch the players up in a few places, but trust me: compared to this initial coating, that’s a walk in a peaceful park on a sunny day with the world’s best ice cream (from Riley in Crouch End) in one hand and your best friend in the other. But basically I’m now on to the handles and rods – in other words, the home straight!

Here are the two blue designs that didn’t feature in my last post about the blues. This one:

Blue-min' lovely.

Blue-min’ lovely.

And this one:

It's a wrap!

It’s a wrap!

It was only when I was about halfway through revamping the blue team that I realised the best way to approach this fiddliest of jobs: start with the feet, then do the head, then do the bits at the side where the rod goes through the player and then – and only then – treat yourself to the body. If only I’d worked this out sooner. Still. You live and learn. Occasionally.

So here are die Unabsteigbaren, raring to go for the first game of the new season:

The blues: ready for action.

The blues: ready for action.

Nearly there!

*Sadly, I’m not sure this nickname (the Unrelegatables) is really working for VfL Bochum, either as a goal or as a reflection of reality…

3 thoughts on “Come on the blues!

  1. Cool! Not long until we see both teams in full action now then! Could tie in nicely with the start of the season, which is in a week (if the daily reports from my husband are to be believed). I’m imagining a little fat controller on the side of the pitch acting as Manager shouting the lads on too! :o)

    • 🙂 sadly, i think we may just miss the start of the season… but we won’t be toooo late, I hope! x

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