The Venerable Bead

It’s starting to dawn on me that I can’t do everything at once. Or is it? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. But there are so many things I want to do, dammit, and where on earth is all the time going anyway? OK, so procrastination is the thief of time and I have been very tired of late, it’s true – so perhaps not quite as gung ho as I’d like to be – but I haven’t really been procrastinating that badly. Which more or less rules procrastination out as a suspect. And, even if it didn’t, surely procrastination was locked up long ago for previous offences. So where is all the time disappearing off to?*

Yes, I know, what am I going on about (you see, the currently-in-limbo fussball table has addled my poor brain)? Well, this, if you must know:

Beady temptation.

Beady temptation.

It’s my latest (rather lovely, I think) project idea: a mosaic using beads. I have a lot of admiration for the venerable bead. It’s been around for millennia, after all, so it must know what’s doing, mustn’t it? Either that or it’s just plain tenacious, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

Essentially, I need to remind myself to breathe occasionally, as – even though this is supposed to be a natural physical phenomenon – proper, good old, decent breathing frequently manages to elude me. Which does very little indeed for my sense of calm. (Sense of calm? Sense of calm? What sense of calm?)

So I’ve got an idea that I’ll design a mosaic using beads, with a kind of swirly, watery pattern and a word or two ‘hidden’ within the swirls.** The colour scheme will be blue and aqua, for calm and tranquillity and to remind me of the sea. This, I will hang on the wall near my desk and then when I’m going into anxiety overdrive, I will look at it and breathe and be calm again. That’s the plan anyway.

So far, I’ve managed to a) have the the idea, and b) spend a preposterous amount on beads and bead cement. This is what comes of taking a day off. I went into London town and visited two bead shops. Idiotically, I started with the more upmarket one. From this emporium, I emerged with some lovely beads and a significantly lighter purse:

Beads, lovely, lovely beads.

Beads, lovely, lovely beads.

Evidently undeterred by my holiday profligacy, I then headed for outlet number two. Here, I realised where my starting point should have been (yes, you guessed it) and sighed deeply. Nonetheless, I went on to treat myself to more – though rather more basic, this time – little round things (and some bead cement):

I think I may now have easily enough blueish beads.

I think I may now have easily enough blueish beads.

I then went home, and discovered that I already had some beads (mercifully not many) that would also fit the bill:

Unsuspecting beads, about to find themselves in a mosaic.

Unsuspecting beads, about to find themselves in a mosaic.

Anyone notice that I appear to have gone about all this backwards? Yes. I know.

So, what’s next? Well, I need to:

  • design the mosaic (which may prove tricky as I basically can’t draw for toffee, or cake, or even ice cream)
  • work out what to stick the beads on to (a somewhat fundamental point)
  • start sticking!

Yes, I know, pretty vague… but it’s a start. And, as I apparently can’t control my creative urges, I’m already thinking a second motivational mosaic in warmer yellowy-orange tones might be rather fun to complement the first…***

* Age is where time is going. Age.

** Yes, I have decided on the words. But I’m not telling. Yet.

*** I refer you, at this point, to my opening paragraph. Sigh.


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