About me

Hello! I’m Becky and I live in Crouch End, North London. Welcome to my first blog!

Although as a child and teenager I did lots of crafting – embroidery, papercraft, making soft toys (from tiny mice to enormous kangaroos, and everything in between) and even some jewellery making – somehow, after a dubious and perhaps mercifully brief (I just can’t paint) fling with acrylic at university, I disgracefully allowed myself to wander off the crafty path and into the barren wilderness of work and weariness. Without a needle or brush of any kind in my hands for so long, is it any wonder that I awoke recently to find myself in danger of losing all sense of self?

Now, in a bid to keep my hands busy and my mind less so, and to give myself a vital focus that has little to do with the daily grind, I’m gradually getting crafty again. So far, I’ve got tangled up in a spot of knitting, got stuck in with a little découpage and am starting to get hooked on beaded jewellery making – mainly earrings so far. I haven’t yet returned to embroidery or to making cuddly toys; perhaps that’s next. But, for now, one step at a time…

I’m no expert and I’m mainly feeling my way along, making most of it up as I go. And for now this is just about making things for myself and for friends and family, rather than a view to hitting the big time. So this blog is more of a beginner crafter’s diary than anything else.

Luckily, on the knitting front at least, I have a helping hand. Once a month, I go to the Meet & Make evening at the fabulous Fringe in Muswell Hill, where the lovely group of friendly crafters has saved my handiwork on more than one occasion. And with tea and cake in ready supply, what’s not to like?

So, here goes with this blogging lark. Let’s see where the craft path takes me… Thanks for joining me along the way!

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