Between you, me, the gatepost, the run-up to yuletide festivities, gearing up for life as a freelancer, an apparently interminable lurgy, and this head of mine – which persists, in an annoyingly pain-killer-resistant manner, in pounding away after rather a fraught week – I confess I’m feeling a bit frazzled this evening. I’m sure this state of affairs is not going to be remotely helped by the can of Diet Coke I’ve just begun, but there you are. Something’s got to keep me awake for just a little while longer and I don’t like coffee.

And before you ask, yes, it has also occurred to me that more time in front of a screen isn’t going to do my head any favours either, but I wanted to share this with you:

My first foray into wire knitting...

My first foray into wire knitting…

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Bead and gone

How – do tell! – can the five weeks of my beaded jewellery making course at City Lit possibly have passed so swiftly? Perhaps the old maxim ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ really holds some water. Perhaps five weeks just isn’t very long. But whatever lies at the bottom of it, Friday saw me at the fifth and last session of what was a very enjoyable course. I can’t quite believe there isn’t a class next week! Continue reading

Beads, button holes and belly buttons

This week, readers, I am wondering whether my holiday – long overdue and now pretty desperately awaited – will ever actually arrive. It will, of course (at least, I do hope it will!), but this is one of those weeks where each day seems hell-bent on producing – with quite some skill, I might add – a new and hitherto mercifully unappreciated form of mental torture. And the migraine is just the icing on the cake.

Those of you who read my last post (thanking you kindly!), may recall my vigorously announced intention – after a not-so-successful Week 3 of my beaded jewellery making course at City Lit – of rising phoenix-like from the ashes of beading despair. And did I triumph?  Continue reading


Unfathomable and hideous to contemplate as it undoubtedly is (brace yourselves), it is – it would appear – possible to have a beading ‘off day’. I know. Shocking, isn’t it?

But that’s exactly what I experienced last Friday, when I attended the third session of my beaded jewellery making course at City Lit. It was particularly frustrating as I’d been looking forward with such anticipation and delight to learning more about wire wrapping. Then, thud! Down I went. Continue reading

A busyness of bracelets

OK, OK, so ‘busyness’ is really the collective noun for ferrets (according to my Oxford Dictionary of Weird and Wonderful Words), but I’ve borrowed it because it’s an apt description of some of my recent beading activity.

Not so long ago, I was in a high street clothes store and my eye was caught by a long necklace which appeared to be composed primarily of a chain of linked jump rings, each jump ring with a couple of beads threaded onto it. The result was simple but effective. I could make that, I thought.  Continue reading

Beads, of course…

Well, it’s settled: there’s no stopping me now. Beads everywhere had better beware. If only beads could, I’d suggest they arm themselves. But it’s hard to take up arms when you haven’t got any of either variety. Which leaves beads pretty defenceless and me pretty happy – hoorah!

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The key’s in the beads

Recently, I did a very naughty thing. I skipped yoga and went to a jewellery making workshop instead. What a delinquent. But I have to confess I enjoyed the escapade and, better still, I came away with some lovely wooden beads. I had no idea what I was going to do with these beads, I just knew that they were leaving the premises and coming home with me (bought and paid for, naturally). Continue reading

All ears?

Those of you who read my post about my first steps into jewellery making will know that I’ve started with earrings. Indeed, those of you who read the same post with a keen eye for detail will also have gathered that I’ve been trying out some new techniques of late. And those of you who are regular readers might even have picked up – from a recent post about the big Decopatch project I’ve got in the offing – that I’ve been preparing a gift for someone. I wonder if any among you are mathematicians? If so, you may have put two and two together and successfully come up with four: that I’ve been creating a pair of earrings to be presented in their very own Decopatched gift box. Continue reading

Jewellery making vs Yoga

A confession. I skipped yoga last Saturday. Yes, I know – big tut. Actually I really missed the class: no Saturday morning stretching = not a good thing. I might not always succeed in making it every week – and I may (still!) not have managed to hoick myself along to the Tuesday evening class (the day will come!) – but my Saturday yoga mornings are usually sacrosanct. There is no better way to kick start a positive weekend than yoga with Sunnah, and that’s a fact. So what on earth was I playing at? Continue reading

Lend me your ears…

I’m not very good at accessorising, it has to be said. I don’t know why. Lack of practice? Laziness? Insufficient confidence in selecting the right accessory? No sense of style? Who knows. It’s odd, because I love accessories and often admire the ability of others to wear them so effectively and attractively.

One thing I do, however, manage to don with what might – at a push – be described as a modicum of regularity is… earrings. And it’s perhaps because of this that my first foray into jewellery making has involved – exclusively, to date – just some such enticing ear enhancements. Continue reading