Clever casting off

Well, now I’m impressed. Seriously impressed. And a teeny bit pleased with myself, too. As those of you who’ve been following me so kindly for a while will know, I’m no experienced knitter. I don’t knit very fancy things, although most of what I’ve attempted so far has turned out rather splendidly (she says, conveniently overlooking the temporarily-suspended lacy knitted jumper fiasco). I also tend to aim high. I’m frequently quite hard on myself. Oh, and I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. Not always a great combination, I freely admit.

And so to my current knitted rabbit project:

Before you get excited and acquire the erroneous extremity of the twiglet, I didn't draw this. It's a photo of the packet.

Before you get excited and acquire the erroneous extremity of the twiglet, I didn’t draw this. It’s a photo of the packet.

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Of mice and mischief

The prices of some cat toys are not even faintly ridiculous. They are blatantly, in yer face and quite unashamedly preposterous. Though not, admittedly, as preposterous as pushchairs for pets (yes, really, have a little look online but make sure you’re sitting down first). Our very own Feline Detectives, McCready and Gilmour, are indoor moggies so we make a real effort to make sure they have plenty of stimulation, but there’s no point in breaking the bank. Not if it means fewer chew sticks, anyway. This would, trust me, only precipitate the application of a succession of already well-honed hard stares, each more than worthy of the small bear from Darkest Peru himself. So what to do?
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