Bloomsbury, elephants and ice cream

Choice is a good thing, they say, and I agree. But then, they also say it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, and I think there are times when there might be something in this. Unless we’re talking about love, compassion, understanding… little things like that. Or ice cream. You can NEVER have too much ice cream, even in January, outside, when it’s raining. And who the heck are ‘they’, anyway? Continue reading


A book amongst the many on a shelf…

So here’s the thing… I’m pooped this week. Absolutely cream crackered. So what better solution – assuming you’ll forgive me for it! – to the conflict between the urge to be creative and post on the one hand, and the almost entire lack of mental activity taking place within the tired confines of my aching skull on the other, than to sneak in a lazy one.

Actually, I’m excited – in a creamy crackeredy kind of a way Continue reading