A crafty year!

Would you believe me if I told you that it has taken me an entire year to realise that I can make the photos in my posts bigger? Yes. Read it and weep uncontrollably, for it is sadly so. Worse, I have even reflected, from time to time, on what a shame it is that the photos are so small. In the words of the immortal Bart: doh! Continue reading

Six nations, one blanket

Yes, ok. So Wales didn’t win this year’s Six Nations. Mark isn’t over the moon and it’s very possible that Warren Gatland may never almost smile again. That’s sport for you. Up one minute, down the next. It’s enough to make anyone seasick. Still, at least the Cherries are on top of their game, keeping Mark nicely in Pollyanna mode… Continue reading

Lucky blanket?

So. Remember my recent intarsia success? You know… the one where I reknitted the middle square of my enormous blanket, this time doing the intarsia properly instead of just sort of hoping wildly for the best? No? Not ringing any bells? Here’s a quick reminder:

Satisfyingly tidy.

Satisfyingly tidy.

OK, well. The next stage was to sew the new and undoubtedly more accomplished square into the existing blanket. Continue reading

Intrepid intarsia

In my very first blog post, I told a lie. That’s the bad bit. But I confessed to it in the same blog post, which makes up for it a little. However, even then, I didn’t quite tell the whole truth, which is bad again. I can console myself only with the fact that at least all this dishonesty wasn’t about anything particularly important.

What ARE you on about, I hear you cry. Well, I’ll explain… But first, a sneak preview of my recent intarsia success:

When you read on, you'll realise what all the fuss was  about.

When you read on, you’ll realise what all the fuss was about.

Continue reading